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Datum: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 12:10:54 CEST

I read:
> All model fit perfectly into the selfish part above - just look into
> it what the producer gains or at least avoids (which you do not avoid
> if you get enough money for it).

the $ reasons given above just reflect our common reality, if you don't
have enough money you'll have to find ways to get it - this is not a
selfish motive just survival (which in turn is an instinct not a motive).

> The projects die (or the parts are not developed) because no one is
> doing it.

for the reasons I gave you in my previous post

> You need or you want it ? Then _do it_

I already told you that I think the remaining work is boring

> The Linux kernel (and lots of other free/open source/... software) wasn't
> started because a student in Finland was whining on some Minix mailing
> lists/newsgroups.

I guess some of it was started and improved because of people complaining
they couldn't use it the way it used to be.
> ... or you need just one who really wants do it. That's the deciding[0]
> reason. All others are the reason why I'm not doing it.

come on <insultmode> so you have no idea about sw development </insultmode>
you think openoffice exists because one (or two or three or four ....)
people decided they _wanted_ to write a bloated office suite ?
while occasionally putting themself back into user mode and testing it
thoroughly ?

> Just to pre-counter arguments like "there is no musician/... who can
> or wants to do it", actually there are studied lawyers who can and do
> program or administer computers .... ;-)

fine there are musicians that are perfectly well off with what's available,
there are people that would never use a WYS!=WYG "wordprocessor" to generate
a printed document (some of them musicians ;)

I wasn't whining or complaining just stating the sad fact that people that
fund projects like openoffice (linux on the [secretaries] desktop) are making
software that is competitive (and I doubt that the gifted programmers working
on them _need_ an application like that) but completely useless for myself
and totally unsuitable to convince a musician to switch to a free os.
I'm in favour of producing free content using free tools and esp. the music
scene (mostly electronic that is) has been babbling about the democratization
of the means of production (i.e. you don't need a $20000 studio anymore, just
a pc - but failing to acknowledge the fact that when you don't infringe ip
laws you'll spend $20000 on sw), and I can't show them openlogic(tm) or
openprotools(tm) just pd which is great for very original work but the truth
is hardly anyone out there wants to be original even the flattest learning
curve is too much for them.
Unless they can't just go on doing what they just did on their proprietary
os using proprietary tools they won't switch - period.

> [0] : Is this English or just a germanism ?

the latter I guess I can't see how reasons ever decide anything ;)



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