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[Sorry to all who consider this off-topic. It definitely is, and I
apologize. I do not have an easy way to reach the people who might
remember and be interested in this discussion, though, so I decided to
use this list.]

In his talk, Eric said that one of the indications that the Open Source
community can be compared to a "gift culture" is the fact that
reputation is so important, and that nobody would ever try to pass on
somebody else's work as his/her own. Some of us doubted Eric's theory,
but I think nobody answered Eric's question why people preserve the
information about the original author, if not in order to not steal that
person's reputation.

The answer just hit me. Eric: Copyright law. It would be illegal to do
so, and especially with access to the source code, it's trivial to show
if some work is original or not. :)

This is so obvious that I feel stupid writing this. But Eric, you
challenged me to give you an explanation. Here it is.


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