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Datum: Mon Jul 15 2002 - 12:17:00 CEST

On Mon, 15 Jul 2002, CK wrote:

+ I read:
+ > Rishab Aiyer Ghosh did a talk at the WOS #1 (Berlin 1999) where he
+ > proposed another quite interessting explanation why people develop
+ > Free Software:
+ sorry didn't give it a read yet, (coffee < 1) but do people on this list

I'm at (tea>4) already, and thus quite functional in spite of yesterdays
party, so I managed to browse through it.

Nice article, but too long to read carefully trough it at the moment.
>From what i can see quite close to 'selfish' model we've been discussing -
author discusses the complete internet communication in terms of 'non
monetary economy' with 'goods' which can be monetarised under certain
conditions, but usually aren't.

+ really think that people write free software for either altruistic (in
+ the sense of creating a better world) or selfish (as in everybody thinks
+ I'm a cool nerd now) reasons ?
+ I can come up at least with several other models:

They all look like various variations of 'selfish' model to me. Nice list

When I think of it, it would be interesting to have a complete list of
reasons for building free software somewhere, with a possibility to 'vote'
for each of the reasons (as in 'that's why I did project X'), or propose
new reasons (as in 'none of these apply, I did it because of ...').


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