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+----- CK -- Mon, Jul 15, 2002 at 12:10:54PM +0200 ----
| you don't need a $20000 studio anymore, just
| a pc - but failing to acknowledge the fact that when you don't infringe ip
| laws you'll spend $20000 on sw

True. :-/

| Unless they can't just go on doing what they just did on their proprietary
| os using proprietary tools they won't switch - period.

Yup. Some of my friends are musicians, and they say exactly the same
thing. Even if they in general agree with the ideas of Free Software and
understand the advantages of open development, they are (understandably)
not willing to work on (in their eyes) less good tools. None of them
would be able to hack around in the source code of their software, so
the availability of the source code does not count for them; and they
get the software they need "for free" over some file sharing network

This is one of the challenges that we face, I think. Free alternatives
must be at least as good (or better) than the proprietary programs, or
"the real people" will not use them. I used to think that it is possible
to convince people that Free Software is better for the philosophic
reasons -- but I have had to learn that for a majority of people, these
reasons are not enough.

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