Re: comment wrt. ESR's talk in Vienna

Autor: Franz Schaefer (
Datum: Sam Jul 13 2002 - 21:28:17 CEST

> > I also think that "moral" reasons are the real cause, but I still have
> > doubts about your gift culture theory.

i do not see how it is any useful to talk things like moral or solidarity
with people who are proud to own guns...


> In general, I don't believe altruistic explanations for anything.
> Partly this is because I know that while my own behavior often looks
> altruistic from the outside (huge amounts of community service,
> voluntary gifting, etc.), it is actually selfish from the inside.

now you should learn that not everyone is like you. extrapolating your own
terms of thinking and behavior to every thing else around you is certainly
rather simple minded...

there are people who do not care only for them self but also for other

> What other people interpret as altruistic willingness to make
> sacrifices for the sake of making a better world is actually my
> selfish desire to *create* that world so I can live in it.

well. some people have affection to other people. some even have affection
to people in general.. and they also care for the world that those people
live in.

even people they do not know personally..even to people who are not borne
yet. some people want to change the world knowing they will already be dead
when the changes take effect.. etc..etc...

to explain everything with selfishness is simple bullshit. sorry.

now if you are clever you might argue: when people act for other people then
it is their selfish affection for them... to maximize the feeling of one
self to see one self as being good judgment of ones one moral... ok now
then you can stick the label "selfish" on everything.. but then this is not
what is commonly understood with the term "selfish"...


p.s.: i was not able to attend your talk in vienna... since i do not onw a

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