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   im Zuge der Linuxwochen Österreich Tour '09 lädt die q/uintessenz
   herzlich zur:

      Mozilla Europe Community Tour '09 Wien (um 20.00 in den RaumD)

      Datum/Zeit: Di 6. April 2009, 20.00 (Einlass ab 19.00)
      Ort: Raum D / quartier21, QDK / Electric Avenue, MQ Wien
      http://quartier21.mqw.at/uebersichtsplan/ -> Nr. 55


We're happy to announce the first Mozilla Europe Community Tour!
It's a new kind of community action.

The idea is to make a road trip (by car) in order to:

  * Help spread the word about Mozilla
  * Bring people together
  * Motivate people to get involved in the project
  * Learn more about other communities, and get to know their members'

For this first 2009 edition, we chose to travel from Paris to Eastern
Europe -more precisly to the Balkans area.

The tour will take place in April, and will last 3 weeks.
We plan to give a lot of goodies and to organise talks, workshops,
discussions and parties! (And also whatever you would propose) with
local communities.


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