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Datum: Fre 18 Jul 2003 - 12:51:26 CEST

* Andreas Krennmair <> [2003-07-18 10:47]:
> > um gottes willen, denken die leute eigentlich nicht nach?
> > was is so kompliziert daran nach dem ganzen string
> > "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----" zu suchen?
> Siehe RFC 2440, Section 7.1

ja, es sit sogar "in stein gemeisselt". *seufz*

> Mail-Followup-To: Andreas Krennmair <>,
> Martin Baehr <>,

ist das absicht?

Sven [antwortet nur auf die liste]

RFC 2440 OpenPGP Message Format November 1998

7.1. Dash-Escaped Text

   The cleartext content of the message must also be dash-escaped.

   Dash escaped cleartext is the ordinary cleartext where every line
   starting with a dash '-' (0x2D) is prefixed by the sequence dash '-'
   (0x2D) and space ' ' (0x20). This prevents the parser from
   recognizing armor headers of the cleartext itself. The message digest
   is computed using the cleartext itself, not the dash escaped form.

   As with binary signatures on text documents, a cleartext signature is
   calculated on the text using canonical <CR><LF> line endings. The
   line ending (i.e. the <CR><LF>) before the '-----BEGIN PGP
   SIGNATURE-----' line that terminates the signed text is not
   considered part of the signed text.

   Also, any trailing whitespace (spaces, and tabs, 0x09) at the end of
   any line is ignored when the cleartext signature is calculated.

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