dash-escaped text in GPG (was: Nochmals Fotos vom Camp03)

Autor: Peter Kuhm <peter@null.priv.at>
Datum: Fre 18 Jul 2003 - 12:26:44 CEST

At 11:36 18.07.03 +0200, Martin Baehr wrote:

>> Jein. gpg muss das "-- " als "- -- " escapen, damit es richtig
>> funktioniert.
>warum is das so?
>welche bedeutung hat '-- ' f"ur gpg, warum hat es diese bedeutung?
>warum hat man da nicht etwas anderes genommen?

-> http://www.gnupg.org/(en)/documentation/faqs.html

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6.8) When I use --clearsign, the plain text has sometimes extra dashes in it - why?

This is called dash-escaped text and is required by OpenPGP. It always
happens when a line starts with a dash ("-") and is needed to make the
lines that structure signature and text (i.e., "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----")
to be the only lines that start with two dashes.

If you use GnuPG to process those messages, the extra dashes are
removed. Good mail clients remove those extra dashes when displaying
such a message.

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