Re: comment wrt. ESR's talk in Vienna

Autor: Sven Guckes (
Datum: Son Jul 14 2002 - 20:44:04 CEST

* Karin Kosina <>:
> Yes, you may call such people idealists -- for me "idealist" is not an
> insult. But to say that they are all lying to themselves is one.

* Eric S. Raymond <> [2002-07-14 15:41]:
> I wouldn't say that, actually. Some idealists lie to
> themselves. Most simply accept the cultural categories about
> "selfishness" and "altruism" that they are handed and never
> examine their own behavior carefully enough to realize how
> unreal the distinction is. I used to be like that myselfx.

ok - so ESR says that most idealists are probably just
people who are acting because of some selfishness. fine.
can't you folks just accept this position?

"is there altruism at all?" well, is there a fool-proof method
to prove whether someone helps without being selfish about it?

and does anyone of you care when someone helps you
just because it gives him a warm and fuzzy feeling?

live and let live. and *try* to be helpful, ok?!

so, ESR, did you enjoy the dessert i picked for you
at the museum quarter cafe? or do i owe you one now?

Sven [greetings from the post-love-parade berlin]

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