Re: Chinese censorship busting [was Re: DFN project]

From: Kurt Siegl (
Date: Die Jun 13 2000 - 19:17:06 CEST

On Die, 13 Jun 2000 Erich M wrote:
>QUestion: What is the best & most effective way 2 create a WWW
>network that cannot be banned so easily. Rotating IP-Adresses?
>How many would be needed? A Freenet-like system? Or what?

The main problem you have in China, will be the creation of the
network itself. You can not use the public telephone infra structure,
I asume its controlled by the government close to 100%.

So the best would be establishing a wireless network, which is
more flexible and much harder to intercept, at least with the
technology available in China. There are this cheap russian
directed devices, illegal in Austria but should be fine for China,
which reach 50 km. Is Ed on the List? He should know how to get them.

And 50 km should be enough to reach a world connection point across
the border.

Alternatively you may setup some Amateur Radio based connection,
supported by Linux as well.

Of corse you should use encryption on the WAN lines as well,
but thats more against the US govermental Echelon Network, which
freely provides the infos to the chinese spys ;-) There are lots of
Linux based VPN solutions which should do the job.


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