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From: Markus Mazanec (
Date: Die Aug 31 1999 - 20:07:47 CEST


the linux installation party was a big success. many people - from
beginners to professionals - showed their interest in vmware. Some of
them where happy to get "support" installing the vmware-demo on their
pc that evening.

A brief report can be found at

The five lucky winners of your licenses are

Thomas Oesterreicher,
Thomas Vanorek,
Bernhard Oemer,
Thomas Subotitsch,
Thomas Alten,

(the first name Thomas was NOT a selection criteria :-)


> Markus,
> It's good to hear from you - thank you for thinking of VMware! I
> recall your earlier successful promotion of VMware at the Austrian
> computer fair.
> We would be willing to provide 5 electronic non-commercial licenses
> a giveaway at the Linux Installation Party, in exchange for your
> promoting and demonstrating VMware at the event (including mention
> the website). Probably the easiest way to implement
> this is to have you select 5 winners of the licenses (I'm assuming
> will be chosen through a contest of some kind), and then send us
> names of the winners. The winners will need to register on our web
> site at before they can
> the use of their license. We will then send an electronic license
> to each of the winners of a free license.
> Please let us know if this proposal works for you, and forward any
> questions or concerns you may have. We really appreciate your
> enthusiasm for VMware and your willingness to promote us in this
> Best regards,
> Jeff Byrne
> VMware, Inc.

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