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From: Gassner Oliver (
Date: Fre Aug 20 1999 - 10:21:05 CEST

Da gestern bei der Besprechung das Thema aufgetaucht ist
die Bestimmungen zum kopieren von suse.

Dear Linux-Admin,

you're welcome to mirror

Please make sure that you meet the following conditions:

- SuSE Linux (YaST in particular) may not be reproduced on CDs
  or other media FOR PROFIT. Reproduction for personal
  or educational use is explicitly allowed.

- The SuSE Linux manual may not be reprinted (on paper)

- We want your mirror-site to be publicly available
  (`semi-publicly' - e.g. a whole university-campus - is OK, too)

- You (the mirror-admin) should be subscribed to the `suse-mirror'
  mailinglist at
  This is a moderated, announcement-only, low-traffic list.

These conditions apply to the files below

Please note: The SuSE installation support does NOT cover
the ftp-version and the evaluation-version of SuSE Linux.

The difference between the ftp-version and the evaluation-version
is simply in the number of software-packages.

Due to braindead US crypto regulations, does not contain
crypto-software (e.g. ssh).

If your mirror-site is in Europe (esp. Germany) you may want to
mirror instead of
is connected to the German university network WiN and has plenty
of bandwith. Please contact Eberhard Moenkeberg of
( and ask for his permission.


Daniel Bischof (

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